Autonomy 0.40.0: Bug fixes and UI tweaks

Autonomy 0.40.0: Bug fixes and UI tweaks

This release focuses mainly on bug fixes and UI/UX improvements.

What’s new

  • Customer Support: Request for user to send explanation before sending debug log.
  • UI/UX: Fix how special token thumbnails are displayed.


  • Better visual separation between wallets and addresses.
  • Ability to add and remove addresses.
  • Ability to hide from some addresses collection.
  • Ability to see balance and transaction events from a linked wallet.



Autonomy is adding a feed of exhibitions and articles we think you will find interesting. In our first release, we are working with Kaloh to include posts from his newsletter, Tyler Hobbs to include his essays, and Feral File to highlight exhibitions. 

Other improvements

  • Improvements to our NFT indexer
  • Speed up Discovery loading
  • Fixes for IPFS thumbnails
  • Fixes for linking to MetaMask
  • Fixes to onboarding

And more! Please reach out in-app if there’s something that doesn’t work as you expect or a place you think we can improve!